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Adaptation to climate change in Tajikistan


Technical sheet

technical sheet


Location: Tajikistan
Dates: 2014
Technical partner: Agency of Support for Development Processes Nau (ASDP Nau)

Financial partners: AFD (French Development Agency), British Embassy in Dushanbe and Abbé Pierre Foundation

Project description

Project description

Context and challenges

Tajikistan is considered as the most vulnerable country to climate change in Europe and Central Asia, as it already suffers from low agricultural productivity, water stress, and high losses from disasters.


Tajikistan is characterized by harsh climate conditions: a continental climate with cold winters, remote mountainous areas result in resource scarcity and environmental degradation (deforestation, erosion and desertification).


To better understand the local impacts of Climate Change in mountainous Tajikistan, GERES conducted a Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment of the communities living in Iskander Dario valley (Ayni disctrict). The major changes observed by surveyed households included increased temperatures, particularly in spring and melting glaciers. The observations are consistent with meteorological data for the area.


Armed with a clearer understanding of local impacts, the project raised awareness of 45 local institutions (Mahallas, Jamoat, Khukumat, NGOs) about climate change risks and needs for local adaptation strategy development. Since 2011, GERES has been implementing adaptation measures in the area in partnership with local authorities: energy-efficient solutions for household to decrease biomass consumption (wood, dung), sustainable land management techniques at farm level (compost, mulching), efficient agriculture using solar greenhouse, better integration of natural resource management into local development plans.


A national workshop was organized in Dushanbe to discuss about the possible ways and means for the local authorities to take action locally on climate change adaptation. This resulted in a list of recommendations addressed to the government for the development of a National Adaptation Strategy.


The project is now completed.


"If the glaciers are done, we are done too"

Men focus group in Makshevat