Association GERES

Where we stand

In addition to the founding documents that define our goals as an association, our values and our operational themes, we have been producing "position papers" since 2012. These set out GERES positioning or stance on general topics linked with current events and our development work.

Based on collective reflection that draws on field experience and feedback, ongoing research and trials aimed at developing large-scale solutions, position papers are written whenever GERES sees the need to make its position clear on any given theme.


Energy in the post-2015 development framework

energy-briefing-post2015-ENAccess to affordable and reliable energy services is crucial to the success of the post-2015 development framework. Shifting to more sustainable and efficient energy systems globally is also crucial for tackling climate change – the most serious threat to future poverty eradication.




Carbon finance as a means of access to energy for the poor

On the 19th of October 2012, Groupe Initiatives, a collective of international professional cooperation and development aid associations, organized a study day to discuss "Carbon finance as a means of access to energy for the poor".

The proceedings of this study day are now available in both English and French!


How can we develop marketing approaches that successfully serve the poorest?

Once the engineers have done their job – by designing affordable devices and equipment that can provide life-changing benefits to the poorest families – it is then up to the “marketers” to do theirs, by organising distribution networks and establishing appropriate marketing strategies.


Climate change, a challenge for our century

Opinion article of the Climate and Development Committe of Coordination SUD - March 2014

Do climate events really have to catch up with us before we finally become aware of the scale of the threats we face and the urgent need for action?

That's the fear of the NGO members of the Climate and Development Committee of Coordination Sud which has called, in its opinion column "Climate change, a challenge for our century", for extensive citizen mobilization to spur the world powers into making a strong political commitment. France must demonstrate leadership by encouraging the European Union to adopt a much more ambitious energy and climate policy.

GERES is leading the Climate and Development Committee until 2015 and calling for this mobilization.


For support in farmer biofuel trials

GERES/IRAM position paper on biofuels in Africa

Seeing the vigorous campaign waged against industrial biofuels by many international solidarity NGOs, GERES and IRAM can only share the criticisms voiced. The devastating impacts that biofuel crops grown in intensive monoculture for non-local use can have on both people and ecosystems, which include deforestation, land grabbing and threats to food security, are now widely recognized.

Nevertheless, GERES and IRAM want to turn the spotlight onto farmer biofuels.