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Dissemination of bioclimatic solutions for urban housing in Afghanistan

Technical sheet

technical sheet


Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

Period: 2012-2015

Technical partners: Solidarités Afghanistan Belgique

Financial partners: French Development Agency (AFD), Abbé Pierre Foundation


Project description

Project description


With the aim of improving living conditions for households in Kabul and combating poverty and natural resource degradation, GERES has launched a programme to disseminate bioclimatic solutions for housing. Passive Solar House (PSH) techniques use insulation and solar energy, the latter being both abundant and free in the region of Kabul.


Affordable and based on locally available materials, these solutions are perfectly adapted to the Afghan context in terms of both effectiveness and acceptability. Building a wood or metal conservatory on the south face of houses can, for example, serve to heat living areas. This easy-to-install conservatory can become a pleasant living space with heat diffused into the adjacent rooms.


Following a one-year demonstration phase, GERES will move to disseminate these solutions on a large scale by supporting the development of the sector. The trained artisans will market their know-how independently. Around three thousand houses will be fitted out in Kabul by 2015. This means enabling more than 25,000 occupants to achieve a 50% reduction in their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.





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