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Green business area in Mali

Technical sheet

Technical sheet


Location: Southern Mali


Duration: 2014-2018


Technical partners: AMEDD, towns of Konséguéla and Diédougou, AMADER, ANADEB, La Voûte Nubienne, IRAM


Financial partners: European Union, EDF Foundation, Lord Michelham of Hellingly Foundation, Nexans Foundation, Synergie Solaire Edowment Fund, Un Monde par tous Foundation, ECODIS


Project description

Project description


In Mali, currently 72% of rural areas have no access to electricity. This was the case for the municipality of Konséguéla and its 30,000 inhabitants. Thus, local businesses depended primarily on diesel to run their business, and chronic shortages and volatile fuel prices are barriers to economic development of the territory. Between 2008 and 2013, 95% of the millers of the town stopped working, forcing women to return to traditional masher for processing local cereals.


The "Green Business Area" (GBA) is an innovative access to electricity through renewable energy solution for landlocked territories. Grouping 11 local craft businesses and services on a dedicated site with a mini grid with a capacity of 12.5 kWp, the GBA provides a continuous electrical service to its occupants.


The technology chosen is based on 100% renewable energy mix, through a photovoltaic system and a generator operating with agro-fuels produced locally. Thus, rural businesses entirely cut off their dependence on fossil fuels.


Built on the principles of bio climate management (in partnership with the Nubian Vault), it offers tenants adequate working conditions for the Sahel.


Finally, the "Green Business Area" is an opportunity for people to access previously nonexistent products and services, inaccessible or too expensive, such as bakery, cold and freezing services or community radio. It has a significant impact on local employment (88 direct jobs on the GBA in the first year of installation) and the improvement of living conditions for the populations.





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