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Opening of the first Energy Information Center in Dushanbe

On December 8th last year, the first Energy Information Center was inaugurated in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

About 40 guests turned up for the event: local and international NGO representatives, consultants, state agencies working on energy, the national energy provider Barqi Tojik, the technical university of Tajikistan, national television and our technical partners from the Construction and Architecture Committee.

The new center, its documentation and the various pedagogical material were introduced to the guests as well as the technical advisers who will work there. The speeches were followed by many questions, showing the great interest generated by this initiative.

Congratulations to our local team, especially Armand Blondeau, Mirzo Pochoev and Zokir Hojimurodov for this success!

More pictures of this event on our Facebook page!


The local team who worked on this project