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Improving lives in the Central Highlands of Afghanistan

Metal kit of a passive solar veranda in AfghanistanThe Central Highlands Program we are implementing in Afghanistan targets the general improvement of living conditions in rural areas through support to sustainable agriculture, energy-saving solutions, and natural resources management.

This program, conducted with Solidarités International and MADERA, is funded by the French Agency for Development.

The results of the project are already tangible.

Over 800 families have benefited from irrigation infrastructure projects. 32 barns have been constructed for proper management of livestock. Almost 100,000 poplar trees have been planted. More than 1,400 households have received energy saving support. Trainings and awareness campaigns have also been going on.

More info on the project page


Our Central Highlands audiovisual project

A series of short videos have been released by a group of Afghan students to show the daily lives of the people living in the Central Highlands of Afghanistan. Getting clean water, growing potatoes and building new roads can be challenging but our program can help change that! Check out these movies as we upload them to our playlist on Youtube.

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