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national ENERGY GLOBE AwardSince 1999, the Energy Globe foundation has annually awarded innovative projects that help enhance energy efficiency, promote renewable energy and preserve our resources. This prize is an opportunity for the Central Highlands Program in Afghanistan to acquire international recognition for its work in the rural region of Bamyan.


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SWITCH-Asia MAG presents 'Kabul Green Homes': first SWITCH-Asia project in Afghanistan

SWITCH ASIA MAGTo celebrate its 10-years anniversary, the SWITCH-ASIA program has published a special issue of the SWITCH-Asia Magazine, which provides an overview of the impact generated by the programme in its first decade, from social impact to technological upgrades, from policy development to new financing solutions.

A chapter is dedicated to the 'Kabul Green Homes' project, implemented by GERES since 2016. It is the first SWITCH-Asia project in Afghanistan. In a conversation with Network Facility’s Silvia Sartori, GERES project manager Riaz Rameen presents the project’s objectives and explain why green buildings play a critical role in its development.

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COP23: let's bring the civil society together for Climate Solidarity!

COP23The 23rd Conference of the Parties on climate change (COP23) has just opened on Monday in Bonn, Germany, for two weeks of negotiations. The presidency has been assigned to the Fiji islands and it is a very symbolic choice for the small-island developing states that will be and already are impacted by climate change.

GERES is sending a delegation of 4 people this year to follow the negotiations and promote its movement for Climate Solidarity on many side-events.

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Our Annual Report 2016 is available

GERES Annual Report 2016Our 2016 Annual Report is available for download.

2016 was a milestone for GERES, since our association celebrated its 40-year anniversary. Over the last 4 decades, GERES has consistently worked to improve the life conditions of the poorest, preserve the environment and limit climate change. But we never act alone. The actions we carry out are made possible thanks to the continuous support of our technical and financial partners, and to our employee’s commitment.


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The Climate Solidarity movement is gaining momentum!

La Présidente du GERES Marie-Noëlle Reboulet présente le mouvementThe first Climate Solidarity breakfast organized by GERES took place on October 3rd, at the Fondation pour le Progrès de l’Homme premises in Paris.



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Marie-Noëlle Reboulet is the new president of GERES

Marie Nolle Reboulet 40 ans du GERESThe GERES board of directors decided on July 7 to elect Marie-Noëlle Reboulet to be the new president of the association, in replacement of Thierry Cabirol who carried the presidency of GERES over the past 25 years. He received a warm and thankful applause from the members and employees who participated in the general assembly that took place on the same day.


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The COMPOSE Project is bringing local positive energy around the Mediterranean

carteThe COMPOSE project contributes to improve energy efficiency and local development in North Mediterranean countries. The three-year project aims at increasing the share of renewable local energy sources in energy mix strategies in 11 Mediterranean regions. Thanks to the exchange of expertise, experience and innovative approaches, the partners will implement 15 pilot actions.

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Laurence Tommasino is the new executive director of GERES

Laurence visits southeast asia 2017Laurence Tommasino took up the position of executive director of GERES last month. After her 17 years of experience in rural development in France, Madagascar and Myanmar, Laurence had joined our organization in January 2015 as deputy executive director.


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Farewell and many thanks to Mathieu Ruillet!

Visite de Mathieu Ruillet au MaliAfter 12 years of commitment alongside GERES' teams, Mathieu Ruillet has left his position of executive director since November 25th to embark on new personal and professional adventures.



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New Green Homes Project in Kabul officially started!

Signing Kabul Green Homes ProjectDespite its high solar energy potential, Afghanistan still relies on traditional solid fuels and much can be done to change that. This is why, after successful collaborations with the Kabul Municipality in the past, we are going to continue working with local authorities to go even further in the energy transition.


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