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Publication of our Annual Report 2015

GERES Annual Report 2015The year 2015 was marked for GERES by the tremendous echo offered by COP21 around our causes. All the actors now perceive the emergency to move towards sustainability and low carbon development, giving our team a new impulse in their commitment to meet these common challenges.




GERES joins the Climate Technology Center and Network

CTCNGERES has joined the Climate Technology Center and Network! As a member of this network, we are invited to play a meaningful role in information sharing and capacity building, providing technical assistance in response to country requests. Which is exactly in line with the mandate our organization has set for itself over the past 40 years.



Improving lives in the Central Highlands of Afghanistan

Metal kit of a passive solar veranda in AfghanistanThe Central Highlands Program we are implementing in Afghanistan targets the general improvement of living conditions in rural areas through support to sustainable agriculture, energy-saving solutions, and natural resources management. And the results of the project are already tangible.



Opening of the first Energy Information Center in Dushanbe

The local team who worked on this projectOn December 8th last year, the first Energy Information Center was inaugurated in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The new center, its documentation and the various pedagogical material were introduced to the guests, as well as the advisers who will work there.




Publication of our annual report 2014

couv ra 2014 enOur 2014 annual report is now out. Accessible in digital format, it can be downloaded from our website.

Two Jatropha pure vegetable oil production units inaugurated in Mali, sustainable hammams and an Energy Information center in Morocco, bioclimatic houses in Afghanistan, but also obtaining the IDEAS label or taking part in the COP20 in Lima were among the most significant events of 2014 for GERES.


Citizen consultations on climate and energy in Mali and Afghanistan

Consultation citoyenne en Afghanistan | © Barmak AkramOn June 6, 2015, GERES participated in the largest ever global citizen consultation on climate and energy by organizing simultaneously two big events, in Afghanistan and Mali.




GERES has a new Executive Director

Alain Guinebault, Laurence Tommasino and Mathieu RuilletNew faces have arrived at the direction of GERES! Alain Guinebault, who led our NGO for 25 years, is preparing to retire.

Mathieu Ruillet has taken over as new Executive Director as of May 1st, 2015. A new position of Deputy Executive Director has also been assigned to Laurence Tommasino.



A video to look back at 40 years of sustainable projects

GERES | Improving the livelihood of the poor and preserving the environment since 1976For almost 40 years now, GERES has been working to improve the livelihood of the poor and preserve the environment, innovating and conducting sustainable development projects around the globe (in Europe, Africa and Asia). But can we squeeze our global action in a 2-minute video?



Energy poverty: a home-based solution for local authorities

achieve iconIn the PACA region (southeastern France), almost 15% of the households are facing energy poverty. Isolated and with no solution at their disposal, those families fall even deeper into poverty.

To curb this vicious circle, a home-based follow-up turned out to be socially, economically and environmentally efficient. GERES offers this “turnkey solution” to the regional authorities who are willing to commit for an exemplary territory.


StovePlus releases new study on improved stoves in Asia and Africa

StovePlus building business cases to reach scaleIn early 2014, StovePlus and GIZ-HERA initiated a study to better understand biomass cookstove business models across Asia and Africa.