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Carbon finance in development projects: potential requiring investigation

conf-fc-2014Faced with the structural crisis in the carbon market, can carbon credit funding mechanisms continue to offer income opportunities for development projects?

Against a backdrop of dwindling traditional funding, carbon finance may have major advantages but its effectiveness has yet to be fully investigated. To this end, the NGOs AVSF, Initiative développement and GERES commissioned a cross-cutting study. Supported and co-funded by F3E, this study was conducted over a period of more than eight months by a team of independent consultants and its findings were first aired in public on 13 January in Paris.


1000 bioclimatic houses under the Kabul sun

1000th passive solar house in KabulThe project to promote energy efficiency and bioclimatic architecture in urban housing is pushing ahead. Our team has just announced construction of the thousandth solar conservatory in the Afghan capital. Launched in July 2012, in co-ordination with the municipality of Kabul, this project helps inhabitants to protect themselves against cold and to combat energy poverty.



Launch of a carbon finance platform for the dissemination of improved cookstoves worldwide

plateform-carbon-finance-vignetteStemming from a public-private partnership, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) aims to create a thriving global market for clean cookstoves and fuels, with a goal by 2020, of enabling 100 million households to adopt clean and efficient cooking technologies.
The website of the Alliance is dedicated to cooking energy issues and solutions (improved stoves, briquettes and biogas). It has just launched its carbon finance platform in collaboration with GERES, South Pole Carbon Asset Management and other technical partners.
More than a complete source of information about this subject, the carbon finance platform offers a unique and simplified calculation tool for project developers.


National Sustainable Development Conference: how can we work together in another way?


The 7th National Sustainable Development Conference (ADD) will be held in Marseille on 25/26 November 2013.This flagship regional event brings together the whole range of operators striving to implement sustainable development in the field.


Discover the website dedicated to the composting sector in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

portail-filiere-compostage-pacaGERES and its technical partner Orgaterre are launching the first website in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur aimed at professionals in the composting sector.

Facilitation of the composting sector in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region is a task that includes the development of varied, innovative activities to promote quality.



Groupe Initiative’s seminars on pooling partnerships in Africa

atelier-lome-gi-br2013As part of its "Partnerships at the heart of local issues" programme, Groupe Initiatives*, whose primary mission is to strengthen voluntary sector development practitioners, has decided to organize its seminars in Africa for the first time.

As the West African situation is changing extremely fast, NGOs need to demonstrate resilience and boundless capacity to respond quickly and appropriately. More and more, they find themselves obliged to look for solutions together even though they have not fully established their own partnership culture.


There’s no more doubting the reality of climate change, so let's take action now!

wg1coverClimate change has been a reality in both North and South for some years. Armed with the latest report from the Climate Change Expert Group (CCEG), which comes out this Friday, we need to sound the alarm and stress once again the urgent need for action.

That’s what GERES and nine other NGOs are doing by putting their names to an opinion piece in the French newspaper Libération, under the heading "Mr President of the Republic, the climate emergency is upon us, so what are you waiting for?"


GERES takes part in Convergence Forum

convergences2015Between 17 and 19 September, more than 5000 French and international stakeholders will meet in Paris at the 6th Convergences 2015 Forum, seeking to build a sustainable, fair society together, reduce poverty and thereby achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
Convinced of the importance of meeting the global challenge of access to energy for all, GERES looks forward to seeing you at the Convergences forum on 18 September 2013 at two side event and one networking session.

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Social entrepreneurship: the key to long-term sustainable charcoal

inauguration-fgfeWith a view to long-term production of carbon briquettes from coconut waste in Cambodia, GERES had transferred the social company SGFE to a young entrepreneur wishing to develop use of the technologies on a sustainable, socially aware basis.



Mobilisation against fuel poverty in Europe: workshop the 27th of June 2013

achieve logoBetween 50 million and 125 million people in Europe are estimated to be fuel poor. The Intelligent Energy Europe supported projects ACHIEVE and EC-LINC are pan-European actions aiming at developing large-scale energy advice services, towards low-income households facing difficulties with their energy bills.