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GERES in Doha to take part in the Conference on climate change

cop18-pictureThe 18th Conference of the Parties on Climate Change has just begun in Doha, Qatar. GERES will participate in the summit as a member of the Climate and Development Commission of Coordination SUD. Once again, development NGOs will echo the voice of the poorest populations in the South to make sure their interests are taken into account in the negotiations.




Webinar: a free decision tool for carbon project developers

decision-tool-website-2Nexus-Carbon for Development will host a webinar to introduce the new CDM Decision Tool created by GERES and its partners on Thursday December 6th (9:00am UTC). This tool aims at helping development practioners finance or co-finance their low carbon projects.



An award for the KPONDEOU women's group in Benin from the POWEO Foundation

remiseprixpoweoGERES supports the KPONDEOU group in Benin, which enables more than 120 women in the area of Zou to process their agricultural raw materials into food products using multifunction processing platforms.With a 90% female membership, the group helps women in particular to engage in new income-generating activities which can improve living conditions for their whole families. This has led to Juliette Ketehoundje, the group's founder and president, winning the POWEO "Women" award, which she received on 23 October at the Cité Internationale in Paris.


La méthanisation en Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (in French)

masque-methanisationLe 8 novembre 2012, les acteurs régionaux et extrarégionaux de la filière biogaz se sont rencontrés lors d’une conférence sur la méthanisation en Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, organisée et animée par le GERES à la Maison de la Région à Marseille.



The 2012 compost tour in Bouches-du-Rhône

tournee-compost automne2011-2As part of the European Waste Reduction Week, the garden composting network is working hard to organize its compost tour, with support from the Bouches-du-Rhône Departmental Council and ADEME. Facilitated by GERES, the network arranges a tour every year in the Bouches-du-Rhône area.



GERES-Envirobat Conference: energy audit of apartment blocks in the PACA region

logo-salon-solutions-coproprietes-niceOn 9 November 2012, Gaël BOGOTTO, leader of the GERES “Energy Management” project, will be speaking between 11 a.m. and midday at the round table on "Retrofitting an apartment block – a joint project needing support" during the Apartment Block Solutions Show. This round table aims to share feedback from the experience of the Le Campra apartment block in Aix-en-Provence, which followed the "Energy audit and retrofitting with the BBC-Renovation quality seal" exemplary investment approach. It will take place at the Hermès Amphitheatre in the Palais Acropolis, Nice.


GERES and IRAM’s appeal for support in farmer biofuel trials

agrocarb-newsletter2GERES fully shares the criticisms voiced in the recent debate on industrial biofuels, but is keen to draw the attention of national and European politicians, decision-makers and civil society stakeholders to the case of what are known as "farmer" or "short supply chain" biofuel projects.

Steering well clear of industrial approaches, various initiatives are seeking to test alternative energy access models for rural communities in Africa. The distinction is clear between intensively farmed biofuel crops and production by farmers for local uses, but there is a fear that support from international co-operation agencies for these vital local initiatives could fall away.


Le défi de la faim : le GERES intervient sur la raréfaction des ressources en énergie (in French)

banniere-debat-faimA l’occasion de la journée internationale de l’alimentation et de la présentation de l’Indice de la Faim dans le Monde 2012, Le GERES, Convergences 2015 et ses partenaires ont participé au Grand Débat Relever le défi de la faim, afin d’échanger et de débattre sur les solutions pour assurer une sécurité alimentaire durable dans un monde sous contraintes en eau, en énergie et en terres, et répondre à la crise sahélienne.


L’Espace Info Energie Marseille Provence se mobilise pour la fête de l’énergie (in French)

loo-fete-energie20124 journées d’animations pour passer à l’action et faire des économies d’énergie ! Pour la 3e édition de la fête de l’Energie du 18 au 21 octobre 2012, votre Espace INFO->ENERGIE Marseille Provence vous propose des animations gratuites.




First carbon finance training in Benin

schema-vign-finance-carboneUnderstanding the carbon markets and the different stages of a project eligible for carbon finance presents a considerable challenge for project developers wishing to diversify their funding sources.

Following the seminar on "Carbon finance as a way to energy access for the poorest" organized by the Initiative group in Paris, GERES is running a three-day course in Cotonou where participants will gain a good grasp of carbon finance issues in relation to development projects.