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First carbon finance training in Benin

schema-vign-finance-carboneUnderstanding the carbon markets and the different stages of a project eligible for carbon finance presents a considerable challenge for project developers wishing to diversify their funding sources.

Following the seminar on "Carbon finance as a way to energy access for the poorest" organized by the Initiative group in Paris, GERES is running a three-day course in Cotonou where participants will gain a good grasp of carbon finance issues in relation to development projects.



EX-ACT: a tool designed by the FAO to analyze the impact of agriculture and forestry projects

foret-exactThe Food and Agriculture Organization projects that the world agricultural production will have to increase by at least 70% to meet the global demand by 2050. In the meantime, climate change might reduce productivity and stability in many regions affected by food insecurity.

In this context, the FAO developed a tool called EX-ACT (EX-ante Carbon-balance Tool) which is aimed at providing estimations of the impact of agriculture and forestry development projects on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration.


Conférence méthanisation en PACA (in French)

masque-methanisationVous êtes cordialement invité à notre conférence : La Méthanisation en Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur qui se tiendra

Jeudi, 8 Novembre 2012 à la Maison de la Région de Marseille



Formation : comment faire de l’hydroélectricité intégrée une réalité ? (in French)

logo-formation-logiciel-shareLes administrateurs de régions montagneuses font quotidiennement face à des problématiques d’usage de l’eau et ont à prendre des décisions les concernant. Mais ils manquent d’outils de gestion fiables et adaptés aux rivières de montagne, pour évaluer les impacts de l’extraction d’eau  sur l’environnement et la société.




GERES to attend the Convergences 2015 World Forum

logo-convergence2015Paris, 20 September 2012 - The Convergences 2015 Forum, an unmissable event where innovative solutions to poverty and vulnerability issues in Europe and worldwide can be shared and discussed, offers the chance to move forward concerning the means and partnerships needed to meet the major global challenges: urbanization and poverty, food sovereignty, energy and sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, socially responsible finance, etc.


A fifth award for the improved cookstove project

energy-globe-award-2012 petitCreated in 1999, the Energy Globe Awards, organized under the aegis of the European Union, reward regional, national and international projects that integrate sustainable development and international solidarity. Each year it attracts more than 1000 individual projects aimed at promoting the efficient use of energy. Launched ten years ago in Cambodia, the program for distributing improved cook stoves, conducted by the Cambodian teams of GERES, had already been awarded in 2008 by the jury of the Energy Globe Awards in the international category.



The French Global Environment Fund engages with 2 million euros in the Global Stove Program

gsp stovesIn April 2012, FGEF approved the funding proposal for the amount of 2 million € for a GERES- led new Global Stove Program (GSP). Being one of the most successful ICS (Improved Cookstoves) program implementers in Southeast Asia for over 15 years, GERES now takes lead in the development of the Global Stove Program (GSP). The idea emerged from GERES’ intention to capitalize on years of experience in professionalization and commercialization in the biomass equipment and fuel sector and to share the know-how across regions.


Civil society mobilizing for Rio+20

Rio +20From 20 to 22 June 2012, the Rio+20 Earth Summit will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20 years after the historic 1992 Summit.  The first Rio Summit is still seen as a key driver of the environmental cause, as it resulted in the "Rio Declaration on Environment and Development", which enshrined the notion of "sustainable development".  It also led to the adoption of a programme of action for the 21st century, known as "Agenda 21", which sets out many recommendations for concrete implementation of the declaration's principles.  This programme is still a global reference for sustainable development stakeholders today.


ACHIEVE: the fuel poverty newsletter

précarité énergétiqueACHIEVE is a European-scale project which will enable households on a modest income to reduce their energy consumption and bills by means of the various small appliances (low-energy bulbs, flow reducers, etc.) that advisers will install free of charge in their homes. Now everyone can keep up to date with the ACHIEVE project. The new six-monthly newsletter provides clear, accurate, regular information on fuel poverty, the project and its partners.


First Energy Day in Egypt

journée de l'énergie en EgypteIn the framework of the FreemE project, all the FreemE beneficiaries will organise, with the support of the European Union, the first energy day in promoting renewable energies and energy efficiency within marginal and vulnerable populations. The energy day will take place on 15 may 2012 in the Youssif Elsedik District in Fayoum.