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Climate change

Developed countries have a historic responsibility for climate change and its consequences for the most vulnerable countries in the least developed countries. The Kyoto Protocol, ratified in 1997, resulted in the emergence of flexible mechanisms. Today these mechanisms facilitate achievement of developed countries' greenhouse gas emission reduction targets but they also help the poorest communities leapfrog to cleaner energies.


Climate Change Unit

Climate Change Unit

GERES Climate Change Unit originally came into being in Cambodia. As a result of its expertise, the program to disseminate the improved «New Lao Stove» became one of the first development projects in the world to enter the carbon finance market.


The Climate Change Unit has grown to develop international, cross-cutting reach, providing support to all GERES projects. The Unit has also developed global scope, focusing on the twin fields of adaptation and mitigation. In 2011, the team is made up of 9 experts spread over six countries (Cambodia, France, India, Indonesia, Mali, and Morocco).

The strategic objectives of CCU are
  • to support the developers of projects designed to reduce poverty and improve access to energy in the South and lift constraints on access to carbon finance
  • to act as an innovation laboratory and develop new approaches to combating climate change
  • to engage in advocacy with the authorities and shape national and international climate change policies
  • to raise the international community's awareness of climate solidarity and encourage countries in the North to reduce their carbon footprint and support projects in favor of the poorest

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