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G-BEL - Providing reliable biomass testing services

Action description


Established in 2009, the GERES Biomass Energy Laboratory (G-BEL) provides scientific testing services on biomass-based fuels and cooking devices not only in Cambodia but in the rest of Southeast Asia. The only one of its kind in Cambodia, G-BEL also contributes to the development of international protocols on biomass-based cooking device testing.


Recognized and supported as a Regional Testing and Knowledge Center from 2012 to 2014 by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, G-BEL enhanced its testing capacities through staff capacity-building measures and use of state-of-the-art testing equipment, while working with other testing centers in the region in order to help strengthen their capacity, and contributing to the global movement aiming to develop international protocols on biomass testing.


In partnership with the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, G-BEL continues to perform biomass testing services.

From objectives to actions

GERES laboratory technicians performed several testing exercises and wrote corresponding testing reports, notably, one comparing laboratory protocols – Water Boiling Test (WBT) and Adapted Water Boiling Test – against field protocol (Kitchen Performance Tests).


A laboratory Quality Assurance Plan detailing measures was developped to ensure accuracy and integrity of testing procedure and results, and which is described in a Quality Manual.


Three stove testing centers have been set up in Laos and Vietnam, conducted a two-week intensive training for laboratory technicians from the two countries, and continues to support these testing centers and others in the region, including on the development and implementation of a Quality Assurance Plan.


GERES contributed to the development of two international protocols – durability protocol v1.0 and WBT 4.2.2 charcoal guidelines – that have since been finalized.


Technical sheet

Project name: G-Bel
Location: Cambodia
Duration: 2009 - Ongoing


  • Armi
  • Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
  • Institute of Standard of Cambodia
  • Institute of Technology of Cambodia
  • SNV Laos
  • SNV Vietnam




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