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Strengthening Civil Society Organizations and Local Authorities partnership in the agriculture sector in Khentii Province

Technical Sheet

Technical sheet

Location : Khentii Province, Mongolia
Dates : 2016 - 2019

  • European Union
  • Czech Development Agency
Technical Partners:
  • Caritas Czech Republic
  • National Association of Mongolian Agricultural Cooperatives



Project description

Project description

Issues and challenges
  • Khentii Province, with a population of 70,900 is a rural area that has one of the highest unemployment level in Mongolia with 17.5%.
  • The rapid changes in lifestyle contribute to a growing demand and interest in locally-produced vegetables. However, the local offer is limited and most of supplies are imported from China.
  • Khentii Province offers better conditions for crop production than many other Mongolian provinces. However only 1,100 people work in agriculture and production remains limited, due to harsh climatic conditions and lack of knowledge about suitable technologies and procedures.
  • Several Civil Society Organizations (CSO) operate in Khentii, along with some government bodies focusing on agricultural development. However, there has been no consistent development in crop development.
Objectives and solutions

GERES in partnership with leading organization Caritas Czech Republic, and the National Association of Mongolian Agricultural Cooperatives endeavor to increase engagement of community organizations in the agricultural development in Khentii Province. The aim is to get these organizations more involved in the development of rural areas by, in cooperation with other farmers and government bodies, being more active in their own agricultural projects and decision-making processes. The project will include the following solutions:

  • CSO network will be established to enhance cooperation between them, to implement collective actions, and to increase their advocacy skill and their access to policy-makers
  • Two training and demonstration farms will be set-up, including Passive Solar Greenhouses and
  • Bioclimatic Cellars developed by GERES in Mongolia since 2010 that enable to extend cultivation and preservation periods of vegetables.
  • A training process relying on training of local trainers will focus on sustainable crop production technologies and techniques
  • Promotion of locally produced and organic vegetables and advocacy to support the sector will be conducted.

 The project thus has the objective of strengthening capacities of sector stakeholders and cooperation among them; and ultimately to enhance the availability and accessibility of fresh vegetables in the province and to create employment and to generate income for farmers.


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