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Roundtable discussion on climate finance

roundtable discussion on climate financeNovember 2014, Phnom Penh – By patronizing and using fuel-efficient improved cookstoves, the people of Cambodia – approximately more than 800,000 individuals who had repeatedly purchased and used GERES’ New Lao Stove between 2003 and 2013 – had collectively financed a national biomass energy strategy developed and implemented by the Ministry of Mines and Energy in collaboration with GERES and multiple donors.



World Food Day: appeal for crowdfunding to develop bioclimatic greenhouses

crowdfunding serres bioclimatiquesAubagne, 16/10/2014 – Technology transfer from South to North doesn't happen every day. The bioclimatic greenhouses developed by GERES in Mongolia have proved their efficiency in high-altitude family farming. The technology could be put in place in the PACA region with support from crowdfunding.



Sustainable biomass project in Morocco wins Energy Globe Award

Un Energy Globe pour GERES Maroc !On 20 May, at the Austrian Embassy in Paris, GERES was awarded the Energy Globe Award for its work in Morocco over the last six years disseminating efficient gas ovens as an alternative to the intensive use of charcoal, which is responsible for the country’s deforestation




A Cambodian social business receives the International Ashden Award for Avoided Deforestation

SGFE receives the Ashen AwardPhnom Penh, May 27th 2014 – Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise (SGFE), a Cambodian social business which produces char-briquettes out of recycled waste, got rewarded by the prestigious International Ashden Award. An outstanding recognition for this innovative project launched in 2008 by two French NGOs: GERES and PSE. Thanks to this prize, SGFE hopes to continue its development and maximize its social and environmental impacts.


GERES incubator of sustainable and social business

SGFEAubagne, 2 May 2014 - When the term sustainable development is used, it means that social, environmental and economic aspects must be taken into account.

By transferring an activity to the private sector, GERES focuses on the economic component and helps private enterprises to ensure the continuity of the technical solutions being developed. Introduced at the end of 2012, this concept is included in the design of ongoing projects and involves supporting social entrepreneurs who wish to use GERES technologies in their businesses.


Inaugurations in Mali : partners hail and encourage the ALTERRE farmer biofuels project!

cp-inauguration-maliOn 23 January 2014, the ALTERRE Mali team inaugurated two Jatropha oil production units in the Yorosso and Koury municipalities, in south-eastern Mali.

With Malian Ministry of Energy representatives presiding over the inauguration, it proved very successful and was greeted with enthusiasm by the technical and financial partners, local authorities and community, who turned out in force to visit the units.


Climate negotiations: adopting an ambitious, positive vision for 2015


The climate conference once again left a bitter taste in the mouths of those who followed the progress of the negotiations. Maybe a more "positive" mobilization would yield a more effective strategy for achieving an ambitious agreement?

189 countries met in Warsaw last month with a view to taking joint decisions concerning the future of the planet. Despite good intentions, this great gathering began to look like a stalemate in chess with all the pawns left staring at each other and refusing to advance. It really is so hard to move beyond individual interests.


Climate negotiations: a warm-up to 2015

cop-19Poland will be hosting the 19th Global Climate Change Conference (COP 19) from 11 to 22 November. As leader of the Climate and Development Committee of Coordination SUD, GERES is sending a 3-person delegation to Warsaw.
Their role will be to monitor the negotiations and facilitate two round tables in preparation for the major conference in Paris in 2015 which should see the signature of a new global agreement.


AFD and GERES working together for rural development in Afghanistan

signature-convention-afd-geres-afghanistan-sept-2013The French Development Agency (AFD), represented by Grégory Clemente, and the NGO GERES, represented by Alain Guinebault, signed a funding agreement on 18 September with Jean-Michel Marlaud, the French ambassador in Afghanistan, in the amount of €10 million, to carry out a four-year rural development programme in central Afghanistan.


Pays d’Aubagne et de l’Etoile Energy Festival: a participatory workshop on the use of biosourced insulating materials

Logos FdE-InfoEnergieAs part of the 2013 Energy Festival, the Pays d’Aubagne et de l’Etoile Energy Information Centre will be presenting a mobile display on the theme of thermal insulation on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 October 2013. This flagship event will serve as an entertaining means for the public to learn about ways to save energy.