Association GERES

Maîtrise de l'énergie dans les établissements de santé des pays en développement

* Energy management at health facilities-developing countries

This guide aims to inform readers about energy management issues and the solutions that can help control energy consumption at a health facility.  It is targeted at managers of such facilities and funders of energy or health projects in developing countries, especially in the Mediterranean regions.

Table des matières
  • Introduction
  • Why and how should energy be managed?
  • Energy management in hospitals
  • Energy at rural health facilities
  • Model energy management operations
  • Energy-efficient buildings
  • Energy policies and diagnostic tools
  • Domestic hot water/heating/ventilation
  • Air-conditioning/cooling
  • Energy-saving equipment


Additional Info

  • ISBN: 2-907590-22-7
  • Author: Marie-Aimée QUADRIO
  • Edition: GERES
  • Year: 2003
  • Type: Pedagogical tool
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 119