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Drying foodstuff

This book is a summary of the techniques and methods for improving and developing foodstuff drying activities.

The analyses and data presented in this book are taken from the main development programmes on foodstuff drying troughout Africa over the past few years.

Without wanting to overlook other sources of energy, a stress is put on solar drying, it being the least costly source of energy and the easiest to set up.

This book describes the various steps which lead up to and make up a drying project.

It is a combinaison of :

  • economic data : activities and techniques to choose from according to the context;
  • technical data : choice of the materials, drying techniques;
  • scientific data : theorical principles of drying, how to dimension a dryer, how to measure and control the process


Table of content
  • Drying activity environment
  • Basic notions on the drying of foodstuffs
  • Deeper notions on drying
  • Appendices


Additional Info

  • ISBN: 2-86844-072-X
  • Author: Jean- François Rozis , GERES
  • Edition: Gret
  • Year: 1995
  • Type: Pedagogical tool
  • Language: French, English
  • Pages: 344
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