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Solar heating in cold regions

This book is primarily a technical guide to the design and production of solar installations in regions where heating is an issue of utmost importance. It was written mainly by technicians, architects and designers who are interested in solar heating systems in cold regions of developing countries, with examples of typical installations and details of how to size them. The examples show that low maintenance equipment has not only been successful in meeting household energy needs but has also led to the introduction of new income-generating activities.


  • The entrepreneur and the project
  • Constructing the project
  • Market and production equipment
  • Increasing profitability and making the right technical choices
  • Appendices



Additional Info

  • ISBN: 2-86844-058-4
  • Author: Jean-François Rozis (GERES), Alain Guinebault
  • Edition: GRET
  • Year: 1994
  • Type: Pedagogical tool
  • Pages: 190