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Practical guidance for scaling-up of sustainable buildings and energy projects

A review of good practices and lessons learned from cold regions in Asia

Many good and comprehensive technical books have been published since the 1980s on energy efficient techniques in cold regions of Asia, targeting engineers, technicians and craftsmen. However, the literature related to energy efficient buildings and renewable energy systems is very limited in respect of project management and scaling methodology.

This book aims to fill this gap by providing guidance on good practices in scaling up energy efficient buildings.

The author spent one year visiting and studying several projects related to household energy and energy efficient buildings in cold regions of Asia. These projects were located in rural areas of Mongolia, the Indian Himalayas, China and Nepal. They were implemented by government agencies and international organizations, as well as NGOs. Each project was visited in the field and discussions were held with both the project team and the beneficiaries. The methodology, results, reasons for success and failure as well as lessons learnt were studied in depth.

This book provides the results and analysis of these case studies. It sets out the theory of how to design a scaling project for energy efficient buildings and renewable energy systems, as well as practical tools for implementation.



Download the practical guidance for scaling-up of sustainable buildings and energy projects (PDF, 6.5 Mb)


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Additional Info

  • Author: Sylvain Koch-Mathian
  • Edition: GERES
  • Year: 2013
  • Type: Pedagogical tool
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 80