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User Guide to High-quality Agonlin Groundnut Oil Production

The "User Guide to High-quality Agonlin Groundnut Oil Production” is a tool for capitalising on the good practices disseminated to the women beneficiaries in order to improve the groundnut oil production and clarification process. It is based on observations and experience fed back by the GERES team and the women’s groundnut oil production groups being supported by the project.


The aim of the guide is to provide operating instructions for the women’s groups that have received this equipment, so that they are able to produce high-quality Agonlin groundnut oil.


On a broader level, the guide can also be used as a training tool for structures working to support the improvement and marketing of agrifood products in the rural sector.


The guide contains:

- a description of the production stages of crude oil, focusing on the good practices and hygiene rules disseminated to the women beneficiaries by GERES
- a technical sheet on the clarification chain for crude groundnut oil explaining the significance of the clarification units established by GERES and how to operate them
- a technical sheet for each stage of the clarification process explaining how to use and maintain the equipment
- a technical sheet on the health and safety rules to be followed in the unit
- a technical sheet on cleaning the unit


Download the guide (in French only)

User Guide To High Quality Groundnut Oil Production


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Additional Info

  • Author: Clémence Jouan, Dimitri Chincoun, Mathieu Goudet, Benjamin Pallière
  • Year: 2013
  • Type: Technical guide
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 34