Association GERES

Energy poverty: acting in low-income households

Produced as part of the ACHIEVE project in Marseille, this web-documentary conducted by GERES shows the results of a home-based follow-up that is both consistent and well-coordinated to fight efficiently against local energy poverty.


As the result of a long groundwork, this solution (supported by GERES, the French Agency for Environmental and Energy Management and the PACA Region) assists the low-income households directly at home in getting out of their energy poverty situation. This suggested approach has revealed a strong support of the beneficiaries and of all committed social actors: pragmatism in the decision-making process, action efficiency, jobs and human resources enhancement and educational strategies converge towards very concrete solutions for those families in difficulty.


Through a series of interactive videos, testimonies and informative articles, this web documentary recounts the initiatory journey of all key actors who gravitate around this solution addressed to low-income households.



A four-step presentation

Clear and didactic, this documentary shows how this type of home-based help turns out to be one of the best ways to efficiently break the vicious circle of energy poverty and quickly meet with the most vulnerable families’ expectations.


This digital support is aimed to raise awareness of PACA regional authorities in the first place so that they commit for an operational solution capable to encourage a positive dynamic towards home energy renovation with all local stakeholders.


On a broader level, regional authorities, whose political will is essential in the decision-making process, can rely on this solution to fight against energy poverty for the coordinated implementation of the experimentations and tools put at their disposal. In the long run, it will contribute to a global improvement of life conditions in their area and highlight the exemplarity of their action.