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Climate Solidarity is a broad movement launched by GERES in 2015. It brings Ambassadors, Friends and Citizens together to work for greater climate equity. In France, citizens are encouraged to engage in 1 million actions "here", while GERES commits to supporting the sustainable territorial development of 1 million stakeholders "there" by 2020. This new website, set up in 2016, is a forum for everyone committed to combating climate change. It displays a counter of the number of actions carried out as time goes on.


StovePlus is a global initiative of GERES that facilitates access to improved cooking solutions for populations relying on biomass. With 20 years of experience on the field, StovePlus  brings technical support to clean cooking energy projects around the world.

Find out about ongoing news in GERES Southeast Asia posted on the blog.

SGFE (Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise) was created in 2008 with the aim of alleviating poverty and reducing deforestation in Cambodia, as well as improving waste management in urban areas, by developing a local economic activity: manufacturing charcoal using organic waste. In 2009, GERES opened a factory in partnership with the NGO Pour un Sourire d’Enfant. After transferred to a private entrepreneur in 2012, SGFE is now an independent social enterprise.

"Hammams durables" is a Moroccan website that offers free support to bath owners who would like to make some savings. It gives them the opportunity to have a free diagnostic for their business.

Launched by GERES in 2004, this operation is the first voluntary greenhouse gas emission offset initiative in France. CO2 Solidaire encourages individuals, companies, institutions and local authorities to take action to preserve the climate by reducing their emissions at source and then offsetting all or part of their residual greenhouse gas emissions. The programme website explains how to calculate emissions and make partially tax-deductible charitable donations.

The Compost Box is a fun tool to raise awareness about composting and sustainable development. The Compost Box encourages teaching projects and proposes new elements to create your own teaching activities (a file, a booklet, play cards, boxes, seeds,etc.). This tool is designed for teachers who would like to organize activities focusing on sustainable development with their students. The Compost Box is only available in French.

Created by GERES in 2007 as part of its efforts to organize the individual composting sector in the Bouches-du-Rhône area, this site describes the work of our partners, the community gardens that endeavour to raise awareness and organize workshops on individual composting. If you want to establish a compost heap and have questions about maintaining and using it, you can find all the necessary dates and tips on a website dedicated to composting, an activity of vital importance in eliminating waste.

This portal has been developped with the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. It offers resources on biowaste and on the collection and use of organic waste. The project holders can get personal advice by contacting the "Valo-MO" focal point.

This website gives information on methanisation in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. It provides all the necessary information to build a project as well as documents presenting the challenges and keys to success of this sector.

The composting sector faces a challenge when it comes to marketing compost. This website provides information on making good-quality compost and using it.

This website has been launched with the support of the urban community of Pays d'Aubagne et de l'Etoile in order to help local citizens analyze their energy consumptions and adapt their behavior.

Set up as part of the PNAEE (National Programme to Improve Energy Efficiency), the energy information network draws on existing local structures, supported by ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency) in partnership with the local authorities. Energy Information Centres are committed to delivering neutral information and suggesting individually tailored solutions.

(Small-Scale Hydro-Electricity and Environment): To assist project developers and facilitate organization of efforts to develop small-scale hydro-electricity in the Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur Region, GERES and Maison Régionale de l’Eau have launched a regional "Small-scale hydro-electricity and environment" initiative with support from the regional authorities and ADEME under a project contract. The PHéE website describes the original approach adopted by all these partners: looking for areas of compatibility between small-scale hydro-electricity and the environment, ensuring shared understanding of issues and exploring avenues that could lead to acceptable practices accepted by everyone for both managing small-scale hydro-electricity plants and putting together projects in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

With the ever-increasing energy prices, a growing number of households across Europe, has difficulty maintaining comfort in their homes, sometimes with serious consequences (debt, exclusion, damage to the building, respiratory diseases, etc.).

Although the problem is often complex, simple and cost-effective solutions exist. These are practical solutions that the European ACHIEVE project aims to develop, to reduce energy poverty in Europe.

This website managed by GERES is a platform of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in France. It aims at promoting solar water heaters and assisting potential buyers in all the steps.