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Strategy for wood energy biomass in Morocco

Technical sheet

technical sheet


Location: Morocco

Dates: 2008-2011
Technical partners: GERERE (Study and Research Group on Renewable Energy and Environment), Planète Bois, ARDB (Rif Association for Local, Sustainable Dévelopment)

Financial partners: ADEME, AFD (French Development Agency),  MFP-GEF / UNDP (Global Environment Facility Micro-Finance Programme), MEMEE (Moroccan Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment), Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation,  Poweo Foundation, Macif Foundation, Veolia Environment Foundation, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Regional Council

Project description

Project description


In Morocco, intensive firewood consumption causes problems on two levels:

  • Health and social problems: difficult living conditions for women and children (arduous collection chore, harmful smoke)
  • Environmental degradation: deforestation and degradation of plant cover


In this context, GERES set up a  "biomass energy" programme in Chefchaouen. The objective is to establishing a framework for sustainable biomass energy management to preserve natural resources. This programme tends to eliminate rural communities' energy dependency and generate new income as they will be able to rely on a local renewable energy source.


GERES and its partners would like to extend the programme firstly in northern Morocco and then throughout the country, especially by setting up and organizing a network of biomass energy stakeholders to facilitate access to information and exchange of experience.

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