Association GERES

Strengthening the biogas sector in the PACA region

Technical sheet

technical sheet


Location: PACA region - France


Dates: 2010- 2012 and 2013-2015


Technical partners


Financial partners
ADEME PACA - Environment and Energy Management Agency
PACA Regional Council


Project description

Project description


GERES, supported by the Solagro Association, started its efforts to strengthen the biogas sector through awareness-raising campaigns, by taking part in two events on methanation and publishing an information brochure. A targeting study of project opportunities was produced, together with a review of regional initiatives. At the same time, an assessment of landfill and sewage biogas development is in progress.


The provision of assistance to project developers, some of them already identified, will materialize in 2012. Awareness-raising campaigns directed at the various local stakeholders will continue, coupled with organization of a regional event on methanation. The review of biogas development will have been completed. The work of technical and regulatory monitoring, as well as information-gathering on existing initiatives, will be reinforced.