About us

Set up in Marseille in 1976 following the first oil crisis, GERES – Group for the Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity – is a development NGO specializing in sustainable energy and environmental protection.

It has been working completely independently for more than 40 years to improve community living conditions and preserve natural resources.

With its team of more than 200 professionals, GERES develops technologies and services to build sustainable economic value chains, bringing in the human, social and cultural dimensions of its areas of operation.

Based in Aubagne close to Marseilles, GERES implements innovative sustainable development projects in France (primarily in the PACA region), Europe, Africa and Asia. The association initiates development and solidarity projects in the fields of energy and environment in both North and South, in partnership with local stakeholders.

To fulfil its mission, GERES has permanent representative offices in France and eight countries in the South. They are responsible for running the programmes with our partners in the field. The association’s operational teams are organized into four major geographical areas and work on six priority themes.


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