The accounts and financial reports of projects run by GERES are regularly audited by its funders. The latter may have departments dedicated to budget monitoring of the projects they fund, or use the services of independent audit firms, or both.

Moreover, GERES publishes an annual report on its activities, which also contains a financial report. As required by law, an independent auditor makes an annual audit of GERES financial statements prepared by the Board of Directors and gives a reasoned opinion on the association’s use of resources.

GERES Annual General Meeting has appointed the following auditor for its financial statements:

Mr. Bruno Llinas
Independent auditor – registered with the Aix-en-Provence Regional Institute of Auditors
393 avenue du Prado – 13000 Marseille.

auditor’s report 2016 (PDF, 0.5 Mo)

auditor’s report 2015 (PDF, 0.4 Mo)

auditor’s report 2014 (PDF, 0.5 Mo)

auditor’s report 2013 (PDF, 0.4 Mo)

auditor’s report 2012 (PDF, 0.6 Mo)

auditor’s report 2011 (PDF, 0.8 Mo)

auditor’s report 2010 (PDF, 0.1 Mo)




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