Teams and offices

Based in France, close to Marseille, GERES HQ employs 23 people in its back-office departments: administration, accounts, human resources, expertise, fundraising, IT and communications. The GERES Europe-Mediteranean teams work in the same premises.

GERES offices aroud the world

n pursuit of its mission, GERES deploys permanent teams in the various countries where it operates. It has permanent offices in France and nine countries in the South.

Established for many years in Cambodia (Phnom Penh) and in Afghanistan (Kabul) GERES teams have high staffing levels (between 20 and 60 people).

In France (Aubagne), in Mali (Bamako and Koutiala) and in Tajikistan (Dushanbe), staffing varies between five and 20 people, while in Morocco (Rabat and Chefchaoeun), Senegal (Dakar), Benin (Bohicon), Myanmar (Yangoon, Pathein et Meiktila) and Mongolia (Ulan-Bator,Tsetserleg, Chinggis Khot), the facilities are managed by small teams (1-5 people).

Finally, GERES is regularly called upon to conduct expert missions (assessments, studies, etc.) in countries where it is not represented. In recent years, teams have operated in Guinea, Ghana, Tunisia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Nepal, Indonesia, The Philippines, Kyrgyzstan



At 31 December 2016, GERES had 169 direct employees (56 women and 113 men).

  • 35 people work in France.
    Staffing is as follows:

    • 23 employees and 1 intern for GERES HQ
    • 8 employees and 1 volunteer for GERES Europe-Mediteranean and 2 emplyees for GERES Expertise
  • 134 people work abroad.
    Staffing is as follows:

    • 112 local contracts
    • 20 expatriate contracts
    • 1 international volunteer contract (IVS)
    • 1 intern




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Teams and offices
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