Our values, our vision

Our vision

A world of solidarity and justice where the principles of sustainable development are reflected in a preserved environment, where everyone can be respected and play an active role in their own future.

Our mission

Help to preserve the environment, limit climate change and its consequences, reduce fuel poverty and improve living conditions. GERES offers energy solutions as both a vector of economic and social development and an alternative to existing systems harmful to the environment.

Our principles

  • The development of human societies is indissociable from respect for their environment
  • This development is indissociable from the social integration of individuals, their access to energy and their financial autonomy and participation in the future of their communities
  • Whatever their lifestyles, human societies are interdependent as regards natural resources and their environmental impacts
  • Climate change will have a profound impact on how societies live, especially their most vulnerable members
  • Communities and public and private stakeholders must get together to tackle these challenges and invent and build tomorrow’s solutions

The charter of values

GERES has based its development on essential values, principles and rules of conduct adopted by its Board of Directors, management and teams. They represent the foundation for the trusting relationship between the organization, its partners and donors and the final beneficiaries.

GERES Charter presents our vision, along with the organization’s main ethical and operational principles. It formally sets out all the common benchmarks to which reference can be made under all circumstances.

See the GERES charter (PDF, 1.3Mb)


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