Carbon footprint

GERES’ commitments for the environment

Our concern for exemplary standards and consistency with our core activity has led us to strive every day since our creation to limit the impact of our operations on the environment. In practice, this involvement translates into the seven commitments listed below.

  • Commitment #1 : Reduce the impact of our travel
  • Commitment #2 : Develop a responsible purchasing policy
  • Commitment #3 : Control our energy consumption
  • Commitment #4 : Give preference to green production sources
  • Commitment #5 : Reconcile communications and environment
  • Commitment #6 : Improve our waste management
  • Commitment #7 : Conserve water resources

Download the GERES environmental charterthe GERES environmental charter

Carbon offsetting of our GHG emissions

Since 2007, GERES has been committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions at source and to offsetting the rest of its emissions. The carbon credits that have been used come from our clean cookstove project in Cambodia. They have been verified by the quality standard VCS (Verified Carbon Standard).

The scope of our carbon footprint includes our activities based in France (Headquarters and GERES Europe-Mediterranean).

GERES offsets its residual emissions since 2007.
The volume of offset emissions in 2016 amounted to 200 tCO2e.


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