Evaluations and financial audits (internal or external) of all our projects are conducted regularly. Close monitoring by our budget management officers ensures that their day-to-day management is up to standard.

GERES is also developing a qualitative evaluation approach to its projects, commissioning external audits and/or carrying out its own studies and investigations (upstream, mid-term or end-of-project).

GERES seeks in this way to adapt its work as far as possible to the real situation in the areas where it operates (relevance of the technical solutions, ability of communities and local stakeholders to “take over”, local financial capacity to ensure long-term sustainability of activities, measuring impacts from the social, economic and environmental perspectives).

To evaluate its work over the long term, GERES is beginning to set up in-house observatories to monitor results and impacts based on long statistical series.

Finally, GERES is presently experimenting with an in-house training approach to support its teams’ evaluation practices (in-house consultants, training and development of guides).


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