Assisting condominiums energy renovation in France

Action completed


2008 - 2010

In France, the building sector accounts for more than 40% of total energy consumption and 25% of greenhouse gas emissions.  It is therefore one of the priority sectors for action to combat climate change and ensure balanced management of our resources.  At local level and Marseille in particular, the vast majority of the housing stock is collective, accounting for 83% of primary residences.  Built before 1975, three quarters of these apartment blocks are considered as major energy consumers.

In view of this, GERES began a project in May 2008, via its Marseille Provence Energy Information Centre, designed to help condominiums with energy renovation work.  The aim of the Energy Information Centre is to raise awareness and encourage joint owners to carry out energy-saving work to limit their expenditure, improve their comfort and reduce their impact on the environment.  The Energy Information Centre offers monitoring and assistance throughout all project stages to cope with the many difficulties involved in decision-making on work in condominiums.

The Energy Information Centre makes awareness-raising tools available to condominiums: good practice guides, information sheets on various themes (financial subsidies, insulation and roof terraces, etc.) and an exhibition comprising five panels.

Funder partners
  • Accord cadre Etat-ADEME-Région PACA
  • Bouches-du-Rhône Departmental Council
  • Marseille Provence Métropole Urban Authority
  • City of Marseilles
Technical partners
  • ADIL (Departmental Housing Information Agency)
  • Association of co-ownership managers

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