Biomass sustainable management and dissemination of efficient appliances in Morocco

Action completed

Morocco (Chefchaouen province)

2008 - 2013

In Morocco, the firewood is used to 90% by rural households for their daily activities. Very popular, the traditional appliances (roman cook stove) are also known for their poor energetic yield and for the noxious fumes they release. The lack of a sustainable management of the wood-energy resource leads to a loss of 31,000 ha of wooded fields.

GERES is working to improve the quality of stoves by making them more efficient and less energy-consuming and also adapted to populations financial possibilities. Issues and impacts of the project :

  • Environmental : forest conservation, wood fuel consumption reduction, CO2 emission reduction
  • Energy : 1250 gas ovens and 500 high energy efficient multifunctional cookers will be brought to people’s homes, 3 commercial ovens brought in the country
  • Social : women’s life conditions improvement, no more women’s exposure to indoor air pollution
  • Information and raising awareness network : biomass energy training workshops, communication dissemination
Funder partners
  • AFD (French Agency for Development)
  • Albert 2 Prince of Monaco Foundation
  • MACIF Foundation
  • POWEO Foundation
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region
  • Small Grants Programme of the Fund for Global, Environment Facility (SGP-GEF / PNUD)
  • Veolia Foundation
Technical partners
  • Mohamed 6 Fondation for environmental conservation
  • GERERE, Planète Bois
  • ARDB (Rif association for local and sustainable development of Bellota)
  • ADB Chefchaouen
  • Women and young girls from rural areas
  • Local craftsmen and gas oven producers, local energy appliances suppliers

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