Development of passive solar greenhouses in Kirghizistan

Action completed


2009 - 2012

The country has experienced food and energy crises in recent years, causing extremely serious dietary deficiencies, especially for children. As a result, GERES and BIOM, its Kyrgyz partner association, set up a pilot project in 2009 to grow vegetables in greenhouses, based on GERES successful experience in Ladakh (India). The aim is to demonstrate that vegetables can be grown all year round in bioclimatic greenhouses built with local materials.

Short-term objectives : construction of 2 new solar greenhouse and agricultural training for users, and animation on the website to promote solar greenhouses in cold Asian regions

The mid-term objective is to build on the experience and organize a workshop to share experience with government and non-government actors.

Funder partners
  • Ashden Awards
Technical partners
  • BIOM Association

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