Energy efficiency for improved living conditions in Tajikistan

Action in progress


2015 - 2017

Background and challenges

  • In Tajikistan, 47% of households live below the poverty line and a major part of the economy relies on remittances (49% of the GDP). Long and cold winters generate strong needs in energy for heating.
  • Limited access to fuel and changes in lifestyle combined with low energy performance of buildings and poor quality of equipment contribute to high energy vulnerability for households: during the heating season families spend from 14% to 25% of their monthly budget on energy.
  • However, affordable energy-saving solutions including bioclimatic architecture can be found either on local markets or through projects of international organizations. Combined with eco-friendly practices, they would contribute to tackling energy poverty by allowing up to 50% of energy savings.
  • These solutions can trigger economic development and job creation for local entrepreneurs, since the demand for renovation and construction is high.
  • In 80% of the cases self-builders and future homeowners use the services of local masters and entrepreneurs for the construction of their house. All of them need trainings or advice to learn and master energy efficiency technics.

Solutions and objectives

In Tajikistan, GERES has been fighting against energy poverty since 2011 and is working on construction and renovation of rural and urban private housing by supporting individuals and building capacities of professionals.

The Pilot Initiatives for Green Homes in Tajiksitan (PIGHOT) has three main components:

  • The Energy Information Center (in Dushanbe) to provide free advice, inform and educate on energy efficiency and renewable energies. The objective is to help households to reduce their energy bills while increasing the comfort at home.
  • Promotion of a Green Home building sector through the development of Low-energy consumption house designs, training of professionals and awareness raising among future homeowners
  • Capitalization and sharing of  the experiences at national, regional and academic levels with the stakeholders involved in energy and housing sectors.v
Funder partners
  • AFD - Agence Française de Développement
  • Fondation Abbé Pierre
Technical partners
  • SUE SRICA: Scientific Research Institute for Construction and Architecture
  • Tajik Technical University

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