Energy efficiency in homes in Afghanistan

Action completed


2003 - 2012

In order to improve Afghan households’ living conditions, GERES began in 2003 to develop passive solar houses (PSH) techniques. These solutions, which are cheap and can be implemented with materials available locally, are totally appropriate to the Afghan context in terms of both efficiency and acceptability. The addition of a wood-framed solar veranda built against the south face of the building helps to heat the living space. Easy to install, these passive solar verandas can achieve an indoor temperature of around + 20°C. The solar veranda also becomes a new living area.

Following a pilot phase which allowed the construction of approximately 170 verandas, the programme is now being developed on a large scale. By the end of the operation, 700 houses will be renovated or built. Over 6,000 occupants will be able to reduce their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 50%. A training centre allows to train Afghan artisans to these passive solar techniques.

Funder partners
  • Agence française de Développement (AFD)
  • Agha Khan Development Network (AKDN)
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Technical partners
  • Solidarité Afghanistan Belgique (SAB)

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