Fueling the low carbon development of Cambodian manufacturing industries

Soutenir le développement bas-carbone des industries manufacturières au Cambodge

Action in progress


2016 - 2018


With  an  average  GDP growth  of  8%  during  the  last  decade,  Cambodia  is  transitioning towards a low middle-income country status by 2018 and high middle-income country by 2030. This fast economic development, mainly driven by the growth of the manufacturing and agro-industrial sectors came with a high increase in energy demand and the fastest increase in deforestation in the world since 2001.

With annual greenhouse gas emissions of 1,150,000 tCO2e as per GERES estimations, the garment sector is the main contributor to climate change among the industrial sectors, followed by the rice milling and the brick manufacturing sectors. The Kingdom of Cambodia’s INDC is targeting these 3 sectors with an emission reduction target of 727,000 tCO2e/year by 2030 through renewable energy generation. With important energy needs for steam and heat generation, the garment and brick sectors consume very high amount of biomass, and especially woodfuels, that are generally not accounted in their GHG emission. The fast development of the agro-industrial sector with centralized processing units offers the potential to supply alternative biomass energy sources from processing residues to the growing manufacturing sector.

From objectives to actions

This project aims to conduct an applied research to develop scalable cost-effective solutions to link manufacturing industry energy needs with agro-industries’ residues. The valorization of Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) from Palm industries could, alone, provide an energy amount representing the equivalent of 550,000 oil barrels annually. It could potentially replace the totality of the garment factories’ non-renewable woodfuels consumption and 150% for the brick factories.

The project thus ambitions to address the barriers towards a fuel switch, from agricultural residues processing, distribution and commercialization, to policies and incentives to support this key renewable energy sector for the Cambodian sustainable economic development.

Funder partners
  • Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA)
  • Mong Reththy Group Co., LTD
Technical partners
  • Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)

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