Sustainable Hydropower in Alpine Rivers Ecosystems (SHARE)

European programme : SHARE

Action completed


2009 - 2012

In the Alps, hydropower is the most important renewable energy source. It shows clear advantages for the global CO2 balance but has significant ecological impacts, threatening water bodies’ health. On one hand, the Directive on Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Sources obliges EU member states to increase the share of renewable electricity production, in order to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. On the other hand, the Water Framework Directive obliges EU member states to reach and maintain a “good ecological status” of water bodies by 2015.

With SHARE project, the GERES intends to provide the stakeholders of rivers management  with means to strike a balance between the needs of hydropower and the health of water bodies.

  • Organization of the decision-making structure : to identify applicable laws and competent authorities, to characterize alpine rivers typologies, to classify scenarios of water use optimisation
  • Localization of appropriate areas : for the set up of hydropower plants
  • Coordination of technical groups : local groups representing all the issues, test of SHARE tools and dissemination to final users
  • SHARE’s toolbox : software  & online tools implementing a multicriteria approach, databases focussed on the alpine region, guidebook for policy-makers to take transparent and well informed decisions where hydropower is involved
Funder partners
  • Alpine Space Programme (European Union territorial cooperation)
  • GDF Suez Foundation
Technical partners
  • 13 partners in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, and France (universities, local authorities, NGOs)
  • Regional agency for Environment (ARPA Aosta Valley, Italy)
  • Authorities,officials and local administrations
  • Local populations, environment protection NGOs
  • Private investors, donors, financial institutions

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