Training device in PACA: prevention and composting of proximity waste

Action completed

France, PACA Region

2016 - 2016

With the relaunch of the national waste policy in 2005, many operations throughout the national territory have shown the various benefits to be expected from the local management of biowaste. Beyond the reduction and recovery of waste, this approach has become an issue of territorial environmental, social, educational and economic.

Thanks to the efficient support of households and other local operators, the results are encouraging. However, the cultural diversity and the disparity of the skills of the actors involved limit the development of this local management. Insufficient structuring of the “industry”, the need to professionalize the various project managers and, above all, the growing demand for support and training from communities, professionals and associations in PACA, all these factors led us to offer a global and coherent training offer responding to the diversity of requests.

Funder partners
  • Région PACA
Technical partners
  • Croq' Jardin
  • A Fleur de Pierre
  • Toilettes du Monde
  • Blaise Leclerc
  • Jean-Marie Savino
  • Établissement Public Local Agricole de Carmejane
  • Technicians from territories, private sector or associations, specialized in the areas of management of green spaces, or waste management
  • Job seekers (conditions to be specified)
  • Individuals

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