1 million cookstoves distributed in Cambodia!

7 years after making the first model for an efficient cookstove that was cheap and accessible to all people in this impoverished country, GERES announced that over a million units of its New Lao Stove have been sold in Cambodia, the homeland of the project.

The New Lao Stove (NLS) is a small stove that has a big impact in many sectors. As an added value product, NLS production develops the local economy; its high energy efficiency reduces the consumption of biomass (wood and charcoal) and thus helps to reduce deforestation in Cambodia; and its lower gas emissions reduce indoor air pollution and global warming. The low cost of the NLS (about 4 U.S. dollars) makes it accessible to families from all income levels.

The widespread use of the NLS between 2003 and 2009 has reduced fuelwood consumption by 500,000 tonnes, which represents 5000 hectares of forest saved. The New Lao Stove Project has received the prestigious Ashden Award, USEPA PCIA, and the EU Energy Globe Award for best practices in the field of environmental protection. Looking forward, GERES plans to work with partners in other developing countries to promote the use of improved cookstoves to all people.

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