3 publications to capitalize on projects in cold regions

In correlation with the installation of a Resource Center in Leh, in the Indian Himalayas, GERES wants to capitalize on the relevance and quality of the projects conducted in this region. Three new publications have just been released and made available on our website concerning the capitalization of the PSH project recently carried out.

Passive Solar Housing – Stakeholder testimoniespubli-temoignages-psh
Several stakeholders have been interviewed, participants or beneficiaries, to express their feedback regarding the project. Their testimonials gathered in the document illustrate the impacts of this 4-year project in the Indian Himalayas.


Case study: Innovative low-energy habitat solutionspubli-case-study-en-2012
Realized for the capitalization of the PSH project in India, this case study provides an understanding of the issues involved, to trace its steps and measure impacts.


Practical Guidance for Scaling-Up of Sustainable Buildings and Energy Projectspubli-practical-scaling-up-guidebook
A review of good practices and lessons learned from cold regions in Asia
This book provides the results and analysis of case studies. It sets out the theory of how to design a scaling project for energy efficient buildings and renewable energy systems, as well as practical tools for implementation. (English version only)

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