6 recommendations from FONGIM on recovery and sustainable development in Mali

The International NGO Forum in Mali (FONGIM) welcomes the resumption in aid announced by the vast majority of donors, but is keen to engage in dialogue with agencies operating in Mali and raise its concerns as regards development and emergency aid.

The institutional, socio–political and cultural crisis has had a major impact on the country’s economy and caused the suspension of budget support granted to the Malian government. Expenditure in the energy, water, health and education sectors has been particularly badly hit.

With a view to a sustainable way out of the crisis and the country’s recovery, FONGIM has produced a position paper which makes Six key recommendations to donors concerning the effective targeting of development aid in Mali.

GERES, a member of FONGIM, has helped to put these recommendations together, particularly stressing that energy cannot be left out of any effort to improve living conditions and socio-economic development because it cuts across every aspect of people’s lives.

The six FONGIM recommendations are:

  1. Learn the lessons from the crisis to rethink development aid in Mali
  2. Increase funding to meet the immediate needs of people affected by the conflict and food insecurity
  3. Support social dialogue and reconciliation
  4. Support reform of democratic governance at the service of development and poverty reduction
  5. Enhance civil society participation in determining, implementing and monitoring development policies
  6. Boost community resilience to foster sustainable development
  7. The recommendations will be submitted at the Friends of Mali Conference taking place in Brussels on 15 May.

Read the position paper (in French)

More information on FONGIM (in French)


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