Afghanistan – The Central Highlands Program wins the national Energy Globe Award

Since 1999, the Energy Globe foundation has annually awarded innovative projects that help enhance energy efficiency, promote renewable energy and preserve our resources. This prize is an opportunity for the Central Highlands Program in Afghanistan to acquire international recognition for its work in the rural region of Bamyan.

In 2014, the project was launched, with the support of the French Development Agency, in an area where temperatures can drop down to -30°C in the winter and where families use rare inefficient fuel to heat their houses with a negative impact on health and the environment. They can barely maintain decent temperatures during the coldest months of the year.

Through the Central Highlands Program in Bamyan Province, GERES, in partnership with Solidarités International and MADERA, has raised awareness among the local population inducing a better perception on climate change impacts and a better management of natural resources..

Concretely, GERES enabled the development of 4,801 sites of energy saving solutions such as passive solar houses implying a 20% decrease of biomass and overall energy consumption. These innovative practices enhance fertility transfer to agricultural land and reduce bush collection in high plateaus hence soil erosion.

GERES also supported local entrepreneurs manufacturing and installing ad-hoc energy saving devices at house level providing them a green and sustainable activity made tangible by 30% raise of incomes for those craftsmen trained by GERES.

Regarding the energy efficiency aspects, GERES and its partners have developed various greenhouses models that have allowed the cultivation of horticulture products in valleys up to 3,000 meters high elevation. The marketing of vegetables substantially improved livelihoods of those mountain farmers.

GERES teams in the Central Highlands region of Afghanistan are very proud to have contributed to turn environmental and energy linked concerns of this remote, isolated and mountainous region into actual strengths for its inhabitants. All active participants to this 4-year program are warmly thanked here.

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