Citizen consultations on climate and energy in Mali and Afghanistan

On June 6, 2015, GERES participated in the largest ever global citizen consultation on climate and energy by organizing simultaneously two big events, in Afghanistan and Mali.

On that day, 75 countries around the world joined the worldwide debate initiated by the UN and 96 events took place involving thousands of citizens. This global citizen consultation provided unique information about how far citizens around the world are willing to go, in order to deal with climate change and to bring forward an energy transition. This mobilization is one more step towards the climate conference that will be held in Paris at the end of this year with the objective to sign a new climate agreement to keep global warming under control.

Great mobilization in Afghanistan

The debate in Afghanistan was organized by GERES with the financial support of the French Development Agency and the French Embassy. It took place at the Kabul University with the support as well of ACKU (Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University). GERES Afghanistan was of course very involved and 20 moderators were recruited for the event.

109 citizens participated in this consultation, involving about half men and half women. 80% of them said they were very concerned about the impacts of climate change.

Enthusiastic participants in Mali

Consultation citoyenne au MaliThe debate co-organized with our local partner AMEDD in Mali was also welcomed with enthusiasm. The country of Mali is already impacted by climate change, so the debates were illustrated by concrete cases. The event was actually included in the “Quinzaine de l’Environnement” program, which is held by the Ministry of Environement every year.

Among the many results, we can take note of the great concerns the Malians have facing the impacts of climate change (88% of the participants). 79% of them consider we need a legally binding global agreement to reach zero gas emission by the end of the century.

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Feedback on our session in Afghanistan


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