Enercoop PACA: 100% citizen-owned renewable electricity

On 26 March 2013, the co-operative Enercoop PACA, a member of the national Enercoop network, will be officially set up at the General Meeting to approve formal transformation in Marseille.

As an energy transition tool, Enercoop PACA will enable citizens to regain ownership of the energy issue whilst re-localizing energy production and its economic repercussions.

The co-operative, bringing together the various relevant stakeholders (consumers, producers, local authorities, associations, etc.) aims to ensure local, citizens’ governance of energy.

The co-operative will therefore undertake Enercoop’s three primary tasks, rolling out local governance and implementation:

  • 100% renewable energy;
  • Development of renewable energy production projects ;
  • Services to reduce energy consumption.

GERES has supported and assisted the Enercoop PACA initiative since its beginnings in 2011: the NGO was one of the founding members of the association that became Enercoop PACA and has held the presidency since then.

To take out an energy contract or become one of the first members of the co-operative, go to:

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