Energy poverty: a home-based solution for local authorities

In the PACA region (southeastern France), almost 15% of the households are facing energy poverty. Isolated and with no solution at their disposal, those families fall even deeper into poverty.

To curb this vicious circle, a home-based follow-up turned out to be socially, economically and environmentally efficient. GERES offers this “turnkey solution” to the regional authorities who are willing to commit for an exemplary territory.

A social and human dimension, controlled costs for an action at modest expense, occupational integration of the unemployed, 300 tons of CO2 saved per year for 100 households… Regional authorities have everything to gain. About 20 of them have already implemented a similar solution in France.

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A web documentary to raise awareness

Produced as part of the ACHIEVE project in Marseille, “Energy poverty: acting in low-income households” is a web-documentary that emphasizes the results of this project to fight efficiently against local energy poverty.

Throug a series of interactive videos, testimonies and informative articles, this web documentary recounts the initiatory journey of all key actors who gravitate around this solution addressed to low-income households.

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We feel less alone facing this challenge. To me, this home visit has been a precious help as I have gotten a chance to benefit from a moral support. The counsellor who came to my home explained to me that improving energy efficiency in my house was possible and achievable. It is both healthier and more sustainable, but it can also mean great savings.

Zohria SADELLI | recent homeowner

They have finally taken the time to explain how it works. I find it interesting that a professional can directly visit these people’s homes. Indeed, people are reassured when practical tips regarding the thermostat use or the consumption follow-up are explained to them. Home visit is a real tailor-made solution.

Souad OUESLATI | Solidarity home in Marseille

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