Farewell and many thanks to Mathieu Ruillet!

After 12 years of commitment alongside GERES’ teams, Mathieu Ruillet has left his position of executive director since November 25th to embark on new personal and professional adventures.

Before accessing this position, he had worked on many projects and managed many different teams in various countries where we conduct activities: France, Afghanistan, Morocco, Cambodia and Myanmar, among others.

Over the course of all these years at the service of the causes we defend, he contribued to a big part of our associaton’s history and successes. The employees and members of GERES are extremely grateful and thank him sincerely for his great dedication with the teams and for the projects.

Laurence Tommasino, our deputy director since January 2015, is the new focal point and has Mathieu’s full confidence for the future of our NGO.

Farewell and many thanks again to Mathieu!

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