Farmer biofuels: inauguration of the production units in Mali

As part of the ALTERRE project in Mali, GERES and its partners will, this Thursday 23 January 2014, inaugurate two pure Jatropha vegetable oil production units in Yorosso et de Koury (Koutiala region) to mitigate the energy crisis facing these rural territories.

Chaired by the Ministry for Energy and Water and co-hosted by ANADEB (the Malian biofuel development agency), the inauguration ceremony will provide an opportunity to present the results of the work carried out and expertise developed over the last five years on the relevance of farmer biofuels in the form of pure Jatropha vegetable oil (PVO). To date, more than 5500 litres of PVO have already been produced and used by local artisans in their engines.

Given the shortage of energy in sub-Saharan rural areas due to excessive fuel costs, these short supply chains can offer a partial response to local communities’ vital development needs, such as motorized processing of their farm produce.

*ALTERRE : Agrocarburants Locaux Territoires Ruraux et Energie (In Mali and in Benin)

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