GERES, a key player in the national energy transition debate

A campaign promise of President F. Hollande, the national energy transition debate was launched in October 2012 and will continue until June 2013, feeding into the parliamentary debate on the energy transition planning act in the autumn.  The debate is organized along the lines of “five-way governance” according to the Environment Round Table model: trades unions, employers, environmental NGOs, local and central government authorities, plus one panel of “other legal entities” and another of “parliamentarians”.

The debate will also have a decentralized dimension through the regions and citizens will be able to have their say too. GERES will play an active role in the PACA region.

Seeking to promote energy transition in the interests of greater global solidarity, in France as well as the South, the NGO is offering its action pack and also backing the proposals made by the energy transition network – CLER, together with the collective action pack launched by the Abbé Pierre Foundation on fuel poverty.

We invite all stakeholders and citizens to take part in this major debate.


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DNTE website (national)

DNTE website (PACA region)

DNTE website (by the NGOs)

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