GERES takes part in the development consultation

Alain Guinebault, General Manager of GERES, will be speaking on 12 February at the “Research and Innovation” round table in connection with the Development and International Solidarity Consultation.

Taking place between November 2012 and March 2013, the consultation is a French government initiative bringing together development stakeholders from both North and the South – State, NGOs, trades unions, companies, foundations, local authorities, parliamentarians, research institutes, etc. – to engage in dialogue and overhaul French development aid policy.

Launched by Pascal Canfin, the Junior Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who holds the development brief, the consultation is organized around five main themes.

GERES contribution concerns the issue of sustainable energy, whether directly or through the groupings in which it is involved, the Groupe Initiatives and Coordination SUD.

Round table 3: 12 February

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