Groupe Initiative’s seminars on pooling partnerships in Africa

As part of its “Partnerships at the heart of local issues” programme, Groupe Initiatives*, whose primary mission is to strengthen voluntary sector development practitioners, has decided to organize its seminars in Africa for the first time.

As the West African situation is changing extremely fast, NGOs need to demonstrate resilience and boundless capacity to respond quickly and appropriately. More and more, they find themselves obliged to look for solutions together even though they have not fully established their own partnership culture.

Tackling the issue of partnerships is clearly a unifying theme, since all NGOs are developing partnership practices, whether within a single project or in the longer term throughout their areas of operation.Taking over GERES mandate to facilitate the steering committee, GRDR will organize the workshops for these African seminars in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) from 22nd to 24th October 2013.

Beyond this necessary inclusion of Groupe Initiatives within our teams and practices in Africa, the workshop shows the obvious interest our field teams and partners in Africa have in meeting, getting to know one another, exchanging experience and capitalizing.

These opportunities for dialogue, with strong input from GERES, will help us to learn from each other’s experiences about the paths we need to take and means we need to mobilize to breathe life into sustainable partnerships to meet the challenges of the areas where we operate.
In this way, the workshop will complete the capitalization process and provide the opportunity to discuss the thoughts and comments which emerged from the debates at the three “talkshop teas” held in St Louis, Bamako and Lomé.

Following these seminars, a position paper on partnership synergies in Africa will allow GI’s voice be heard by national and international policy-makers.

Seminars in Africa
“Partnerships at the heart of local issues”
22-24 October 2013

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*Set up in November 1993,  Groupe Initiatives is a collective of professional international co-operation and development support associations which have come together to combine their experience and know-how for purposes of debate, action and advocacy. Groupe initiatives is now made up of 10 development co-operation organizations: GRDR, GRET, IRAM, CIEDEL, AVSF, HSF, APDRA, ESSOR, GERES and Initiative Développement. A collective and member of Coordination SUD, Groupe initiatives acts as a forum for exchange, debate and pooling of skills (
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